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18 November 2007 @ 07:11 pm
All Hallows Moon Jumble Masterlist  
Hello, members, watchers, and lurkers. The mods here at Meta are always amazed and excited by the work the members of this community contribute to the R/T fandom, and putting together the masterlist of all the work from our recent All Hallows' Moon Jumble only makes your awesomeness even more evident. We really are so proud of all you do to keep this pairing alive, and we know we won't be alone in enjoying these stories for many Halloweens (and any e'ens!) to come.

Do be sure to give this list a scan -- there are a few stories that you may not have seen because they didn't get quite finished in time for the Jumble deadline and were posted at the authors' personal journals rather than to the community.

And stay tuned next week for an announcement about our Christmas art and fic event. :)


Goodbye, by bishwop

Dark Detectors, by blackunicorn777

Day of Responsibility, by blackunicorn777
Winner - Special Recognition in Art; Runner-Up - Community Choice

Am I Dreaming?, by cayu

Hunger Pains, by cayu
Winner - Special Recognition in Art

Reading By The Firelight, by doctor_banana

Remus to the Rescue, by doctor_banana

Changes, by drumher
Winner - Outstanding Contribution in Art; Community Choice

Night of the Bat Bogey, by drumher
Winner - Spirit of Halloween

Cupcakes and Etc., by fisharenice

Meeting the Parents, by fisharenice

Hunting a Bicorn, by hrymfaxe
Winner - Special Recognition in Art

Mistaken Nobility, by hrymfaxe
Runner-Up - Community Choice

Rescue Me, by lizetm

Just Trying It, by sugarannie


The Hat, by author_by_night
Before there was Tonks, there was Panyin… and with Panyin came a decision Remus would always regret.
[3317 words, rated PG, supernatural]

The Middle of The Story, by bratanimus
A ghost story that started with an ending, and finished with a beginning.
[2254 words, rated PG-13, horror]
Winner - Outsanding Contribution in Fic, Spirit of Halloween, Horror

Ravens In My Mind, by bratty_jedi
Nothing exists beyond this white path that has no beginning or end. If I can stay on in it, I won’t have to think about what I've done.
[1500 words, rated G, drama]
Runner-Up - Drama

Bridging The Gap, by captainraz
Sometimes the smallest of things can fix the biggest of messes.
[2466 words, rated PG, angst]

More Than They Bargained For, by captainraz
The seeds of the idea behind the prank had been sown in the summer, when the Twins had been staying at Grimmauld Place. This time, there really was no doubting that Sirius Black was an evil, evil man.
[7026 words, rated PG-13, action/adventure, humour]
Winner - Action/Adventure; Runner-Up - Humour

What Took You So Long?, by da_angel729
Remus tries to ask Tonks on a date, but something is stopping him. Fall, OotP.'
[1384 words, rated PG-13, general]
Runner-Up - General

Taking Back Halloween, by dorasolo
Tonks muses about what Halloween meant to her growing up. OotP era Halloween.
[1782 words, rated PG, romantic comedy]

The Killing Lights, by eltea
Based on AFI’s song of the same name - When a wave of mysterious murders sweeps through London, Remus Lupin must set aside his personal problems and help Nymphadora Tonks to track down the killer before more innocents die. As they traipse the streets of Soho trying to sort through clues that appear to contradict each other, they watch the lines between their friends and their foes begin to blur and learn the danger of neglecting those facts that seem the most obvious.
[9488 words, rated PG-13, drama, romance]
Winner - Drama, Special Recognition in Fic; Runner-Up, Romance

And Now For Something Completely Different, by eltea
Something is wrong at Grimmauld Place. More wrong than a sudden discovery that one is out of chocolate. So very, very wrong.
[2755 words, rated PG, horror, humour]

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, by evrdream33
Incriminating photos are abound the day newest Order member Nymphadora Tonks arrives at headquarters.
[2781 words, rated PG, humour]
Winner - General

Shadows by evrdream33
Severus Snape hates Remus Lupin, but not for the for the reasons everyone thinks (and just to be clear, pairings featured are Remus/Tonks, Severus/Lily, and past Remus/Lily)
[4436 words, rated PG, drama]

The Cabin, by freakinwinky
Dumbledore suspects that an Inn in Ireland is housing a stronghold for the Dark Arts. When Remus and Tonks go undercover to inspect it, they quickly learn that not all is as it seems.
[5489 words, rated PG-13, supernatural]
Winner - Supernatural

Revenant, by gilpin25
…He thought that if this hadn’t been so serious, and potentially so deadly, he’d have been enjoying himself. Because she was here and it was like old times. With their own relationship seemingly over for good, Remus and Tonks come face to face with ghosts and memories of both past and present. Set during HBP.
[18597 words, rated R, mystery/suspense]
Winner - Community Choice

Beside the Crackling Fire, by goldenwanderer
Tonks comes home from a horrible day at work to tell Remus that she has even better news - she's got to work on a Saturday.
[2259 words, rated PG, drama]

The Great Hair-Raising Incident, by goldenwanderer
Sirius is up to his old tricks again - this time with a Hair-Raising Potion. But, as it often does, something goes wrong. And, as always, Remus and Tonks are there to help - sort of.
[6170 words, rated PG, humour]

Counterbalance, by jadeddiva
Death Eaters! Gnomes! 70s chic, oh my! Remus and Tonks’ first Order mission as a couple doesn’t go exactly as Tonks plans. Set during late winter, OotP.
[3364 words, rated PG-13, angst, humour]

Clearing the Air, by jesspallas
But at the same time, Remus had found himself dwelling upon the fact that he wouldn’t have been in this sorry mess, he wouldn’t have had to be plotting the gruesome death of his ex-best friend, if Nymphadora ruddy Tonks hadn’t shouted at him so adorably on a forest path and put ideas in his head that made him susceptible to Siriusness in the first place.
[5219 words, rated PG-13, romantic comedy]
Winner - Romantic Comedy

A Fine Folly, by jesspallas
It was true. Tonks had to admit that there was no denying it, no debate, no deliberation… she was dangling from the remains of a shattered stair in a crumbling stone tower, with a tangled mass of Devil’s Snare mere inches from her ankles and several masked Death Eaters gathered in the clearing outside debating whether to enter. And it was entirely Remus Lupin’s fault.
[3040 words, rated PG-13, mystery/suspense]

Awake, by jncar
After the Battle of Hogwarts Tonks desperately hopes that someone realizes that things aren’t always what they seem.
[3512 words, rated PG-13, horror]
Runner-Up - Horror, Community Choice

Hunger Pangs, by jncar
Runner-Up - Mystery/Suspense>
Remus desperately wants to avoid another painful encounter with Dora when he is forced to meet his Order contact in Hogsmeade, but when he overhears that she is caught up in a dangerous mystery that he knows how to solve, helping her becomes his first priority.
[7932 words, rated PG-13, mystery/suspense]

Ghosts , by joely_jo
Sometimes it takes something beyond our comprehension to get us to face our fears.
[some words, rated PG-13, angst]
Winner - Angst, Spirit of Halloween

How To Be Bad, by joely_jo
Someone has a fantasy… (or Remus Lupin has blood in his veins).
[3313 words, rated R, humour]

Eye of the Beholder, by katyscarlett76
Their separation has dented Tonks’ self-esteem whilst Remus is lost in visions of the past. Can a not-so-chance meeting help to ease their pain? Set Halloween of HBP.
[2799 words, rated R, angst]

A Walk In The Woods, by katyscarlett76
A deceptively simple mission for the Order allows hidden feelings to be expressed.
[3362 words, rated PG-13, action/adventure]

Among The Living, by starry_eyed
"I thought being among the dead would be something new and thrilling… at the very least a touch more stimulating for someone of my obvious intelligence. I was wrong. Take it from someone who’s been living with ghosts for a thousand years: the after life is easy. It’s living that’ll kill you."
[3462 words, rated R, mystery/suspense]
Winner - Special Recognition in Fic, Mystery/Suspense

Afraid Of The Dark, by jdbracknell
Remus had always been ill at ease in the forest - his friends teased him about it - but when a mission for Dumbledore sends him into the heart of the place with Tonks by his side, he finds his apprehension harder than usual to shake off.
[9861 words, rated PG-13, horror, romance]

Kiss and Tell, by jdbracknell
For all his supposed genius, Sirius Black had always had rather a blind spot for the patently obvious.
[6658 words, rated R, humour]
Runner-Up - Community Choice

Evil Encounter, by lizetm
When Remus and Tonks are sent on an Order mission, will they listen to each other, or let their instincts take over?
[2,064 words, rated pg, drama, romantic comedy]

Till Human Voices Wake Us, by mrstater
When Remus' mysterious work for the Order requires Tonks' assistance, feelings that run far deeper than comrades-at-arms come to light. Is romance possible when the work proves to be the stuff nightmares are made of? [Set August, OotP]
[29713 words, rated R, angst, horror]

Feminine Anatomy, by oneandonlysusan
Set during the summer before OotP. Sirius encounters a bra on Remus’ door and attempts to solve the mystery of just who owns the suggestive piece of fabric.
[5295 words, rated PG-13, mystery]
Winner - Humour

Recovering, by oneandonlysusan
She tries hard not to let her thoughts fade back to it all, because she wants to have this memory without remembering the smiles laden with the feeling that she wasn’t allowed to be happy that Remus was beside her, because Sirius was dead and Harry was without the closest person to a father he’d ever known.
[2509 words, rated PG, drama, romance]
Winner - Special Recognition in Fic, Romance

Footsteps, by parapsionic
He has always known, somehow, that she would end up walking into his life and changing its course. The early stages of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks’s relationship, as explained by the different kinds of walking.
[9094 words, rated PG, romance]

A Stiff Drink, by parapsionic
Remus has a mid-life crisis. Sirius helps him cope.
[5935 words, rated PG-13, humour, romance]

The Headless Haunt, by fantasticjackie
When ghostly members of the Headless Hunt begin to disappear one by one, only First-Year Ravenclaw Teddy Lupin notices. Curiosity gets the best of him and leads to a discovery: the Headless Horseman has a new haunt. But now the Horseman wants the Lupins’ heads.
[9835 words, rated PG-13, horror]

Filling The Emptiness, by phoenixfyre13
She wishes for emptiness, while all he wants is to feel again. How a certain metamorphmagus and werewolf found a way to come to terms with each other and themselves.
[1700 words, rated PG, drama]

A Walk in the Woods, by phoenixfyre13
Tonks' Halloween surprise for Remus goes disastrously, if not predictably, awry.
[2900 words, rated PG, action/adventure]
Runner-Up: Action/Adventure

Hunt, by pinkhairedauror
Remus assured Tonks he'd found someplace to get the potion, and she could stay with her mum after (DH spoiler event) for another week. He didn't expect the quality to be that much lower though.
[1729 words, rated R, horror]

Unexpected, by pinkhairedauror
Remus is assigned to find out what he can about a possible DE gathering - and he arrives a day early. Only there's an ambush...
[1805 words, rated PG, action/adventure]

Remus Lupin Has a Son, by princesstopaz
Old saying by mothers for millennia, (including mine) "You will get one just as bad as you." Remus Lupin learns just how true this statement is.
[6110 words, rated PG, action/adventure]

Problems With Puffskeins, by ravnclw_lioness
"She had to do something to pull him out of this brooding rut."
[4059 words, rated PG-13, humour]

A Voice From Above, by roh_wyn
Remus hears a strange voice from above, and is reminded that things are never quite as they seem at first. [1218 words, rated G, action/adventure]

A Thin Line, by scarlett71177
Remus contemplates going off to the final battle.
[1618 words, rated G, angst, drama]
Runner-Up - Angst

Trick-or-Tonks, by scarlett71177
Remus’ outlook on Halloween changes after he’s tricked into reading a book.
[3010 words, rated pg, romance]

How Remus Lupin Saved the World (although He Didn’t Mean to, He Swears) , by shield_wolf
AU: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks have abandoned both the war effort and the wizarding world altogether and are trying to create a new life for themselves disguised as Muggles. But an evil figure from their past may be coming back to haunt them....
[2239 words, rated PG-13, horror, romance]

Jack O'Lantern, by shield_wolf
When Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks are ambushed by Death Eaters, they discover that one of them nurses a personal grudge against the former … and has been plotting her revenge for years.
[8753 words, rated PG-13, action/adventure, mystery/suspense]

Asking For Forever, by shimotsuki
A mere fortnight after the relationship finally begins is hardly the best time to ask a certain question. But what if it's now or never?
[5020 words, rated PG-13, drama]

Unforeseen Attachments, by shimotsuki
The Weasley twins apply their formidable research and development skills to the problem of Walburga Black's portrait, but things go wrong rather quickly. At least Tonks is there to save the day...only, now Remus is starting to notice just how many of her evenings she spends at Grimmauld Place.
[3570 words, rated PG, romantic comedy]
Runner-Up - Romantic Comedy

Halloween Sparks, by shoebox_addict
Tonks is sent on a mission for the Order on Halloween night and finds more than dust and ghosts in an old castle.
[3031 words, rated PG, drama, romance]

The Plot To Free Tonks, by shoebox_addict
Tonks is a very busy mommy and Remus seeks to lighten her load a bit by planning a secret getaway.
[2430 words, rated G, mystery/suspense]

Say Goodbye, by utah_yoda
Remus is preparing to go underground with the werewolves. Tonks won't let him leave without saying goodbye.
[1300 words, rated G, angst]

The Lurkers at the Tomb, by xtineebee
Recruiting for the Order is dangerous at the best of times; when there are horrors lurking in the darkness, preying upon those misfortunate enough to disturb them, the consequences can be dear indeed.
[2795 words, rated PG-13, horror]
Phoenix Neal: Remus/Tonksphoenixneal on November 22nd, 2007 03:31 am (UTC)
I'm excited to revel in all the fic here! But to keep me from obsessively checking my flist... is sign-up for the next jumble going to be sometime in the week we're currently in the middle of, or sometime next week? I don't want to miss it again!
What's Taters, Precious?mrstater on November 22nd, 2007 01:52 pm (UTC)
It'll be next week, due to the holiday weekend for the Americans. :)
Phoenix Nealphoenixneal on November 22nd, 2007 08:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you!