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06 January 2008 @ 09:33 am
Winter Wonderland Advent Index  
Here's the masterlist of art and fics from the Winter Wonderland Advent. As usual, our members really outdid themselves, and we hope those of you who still haven't had a chance to look at all the entries will find this a valuable aid in catching up. Don't forget to leave feedback for the contributors!


I Wish It Was Christmas Eve Every Night!, by blackunicorn777

Season's Greetings, by cayu

Vigil Keeping, by chesnutella
Special Recognition - Art; Outstanding Newcomer - Art

Cuddled With You On Christmas Night, by doctor_banana

Window Pain, by drumher
3rd Place Community Choice - Art; Special Recognition - Art

Happy in the Snow, by gppr

It's the time for play, by hrymfaxe
Special Recognition - Art

Glad and Golden Hours, by jncar

Do They Know It's Christmastime?, by philotic_net
1st Place Community Choice - Art; Outstanding Contribution - Art; Outstanding Newcomer - Art

"Wait, is that really the title?" by philotic_net
2nd Place Community Choice - Art

Fragile, by southernfinesse

Let Your Heart Be Light, by sugarannie

So High Above With You, by summoner_lenne9


All I Want For Christmas, by bookish_brownie
Tonks has a rather unusual request for her Christmas present from Remus. [1185 words, Rated PG, romance]

Something Right, by bratanimus
It’s all Kenny Kringle’s fault that Tonks hates Christmas. [3840 words, rated PG-13, romance]
3rd Place Community Choice - Fic; Best Romance

Deck the Halls, These Prison Walls, by celtmama
The search for one gift brings a measure of both joy and pain to Grimmauld Place. [5000 words, rated PG-13, angst, romance]
Runner-Up, Romance

Dream of the Future, by da_angel729
Sometimes the things you dream of don't always come true. Set during HBP. [1450 words, Rated PG, angst, romance]

Lost and Found, by eltea
The Time: Christmas Eve, Order of the Phoenix era. The Place: Grimmauld, Number Twelve. The Mindset: Wizard of Oz meets The Nutcracker, with a sprinkling of fairytales. [4235 words, rated PG, genre?]

Black, White and Shades of Grey, by etf004
Without each other, colours seemed to have faded to black, white and several shades of grey. [1550 words, rated PG, angst, general]

Winter Dreams, by evrdream33
Remus and Tonks take their son to King’s Cross to return to Hogwarts from the winter holiday break, but all is not what it seems. [1942 words, rated PG, drama]

The Glass Slipper, by gilpin25
Cinderella shall go to the ball. And Remus is going with her... Set during Christmas OotP. [5000 words, rated PG-13, humor, romance]
1st Place Community Choice - Fic

The Magic of December, by godricgal
So a Tonksian Christmas has taken many forms which have seeded memories both bitter and oh-so-very sweet, but I don't think any can top this one... [3102 words, rated R, romance]

Give My Heart, by goldenwanderer
Christmas Eve, 1996 finds Remus Lupin sitting on a street corner, listening to a group of Christmas carolers. A conversation and some harsh words from a new friend change the way he thinks about love, in particular, his relationship with Nymphadora Tonks.
[4765 words, rated PG, angst, general]
3rd Place Community Choice - Fic

The Frost was Cruel, by go_veg
Tonks’ New Year’s Eve while Remus is underground. [1491 words, rated PG, angst, general]

Reunion, by hermionesbrainy
Christmas during DH is rather depressing until an unexpected (but hoped for) visitor arrives. [1371 words, rated PG, angst]

This Christmas, by i_i_i_dunno
An unexpected visitor makes an appearance at 12 Grimmauld Place. [2586 words, Rated PG, general, humour]
Runner-Up, Humour

The Sounding Joy, by jadeddiva
He calls her name but she says nothing, and hopes that he will walk away, but it is easier said than done, these things. During HBP, Tonks finds things are easier said than done, especially during the Christmas season. [2532 words, rated PG-13, angst]
Runner-Up, Angst

To Believe, by jesspallas
In the face of Voldemort’s horrific world at Christmas, Remus and Tonks try to do one good thing for one poor Muggleborn… [3347 words, rated PG-13, angst]
2nd Place Community Choice - Fic; Special Recognition - Fic; Best General

Best Kept Secrets, by joely_jo
Andromeda finds herself in a difficult situation. [2358 words, Rated PG-13, general, romance]
Runner-Up, General

Five Golden Rings, by jncar
As the day of their wedding approaches, Remus has the chance to give Dora five very different rings from five very different sources. [3007 words, rated PG, general, romance]

The Perfect Gift, by killerforhire
OOTP. Lupin refuses a Christmas present from Tonks because he's scared. Part one of possibly two.
[3055 words, rated PG-13]

So This is The New Year, by killerforhire
Tonks spends her New Years' on a mission for the Ministry. [1164 words, rated PG-13, angst]

The Christmas Waltz, by jdbracknell
As Christmas approaches, Remus and Tonks dance around the idea of togetherness, wondering if either of them is leading, or know where they're going at all. [4881 words, rated PG-13, romance]
3rd Place Community Choice - Fic

Kissing and Dancing, by merryb87
Remus listens in to Teddy and Tonks looking over old photographs and sharing memories after he slept through Christmas after the full moon. Post DH, a year before the Epilogue. AU, as Remus and Tonks are very much alive. [1410 words, rated PG, general, romance]

Under the Influence, by mocca_fix_gold
It doesn't feel like Christmas for Nymphadora Tonks. [2411 words, rated G, angst, general]

In Peace, by mrstater
Remus has long since moved on from thinking his marriage was a mistake for which Tonks has paid too dearly, but when the war brings grim tidings for his family on Christmas Eve, he realises that his life is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle. [4145 words, Rated G, angst, romance]

First Noels and Bleak Midwinters, by phoenixfyre13
As the years go by, Remus’ gift to Tonks on their first Christmas together brings joy, pain and comfort in a world that seems to be falling apart at the seams. [5000 words, rated PG, angst, romance]

Blue Christmas, by pinkhairedauror
It's December 1996. And the spirit of giving is there, even if one would rather keep the fact secret. [1549 words, rated PG, angst]

I Must Go, by pinkhairedauror
It's December 1997. And the full moon is rising soon... [1090 words, Rated PG, romance]

A Christmas Dream, by rosedemon
Tonks is disappointed that Christmas plans with Remus have been changed and goes to bed sulking. [2750 words, Rated G, romance]

Little Boxes, by seer_of_spots
A hoarse voice split the cold Christmas month in a black, lonely wood. He liked Mr Lupin. He liked the way he could talk about things that didn’t matter, yet make them all the world. But he didn't like Christmas. [2550 words, Rated G, general]
1st Place Community Choice - Fic; Outstanding Contribution - Fic; Outstanding Newcomer - Fic; Best Angst

The Things We Remember, by shimotsuki
Remus and Tonks navigate the minefield that is Christmas and discover that sometimes the difficult part is not the giving, but the receiving. [4725 words, rated PG, angst, drama]
Special Recognition - Fic; Best Drama

Spreading Good Cheer, by shoebox_addict
Remus and Tonks have a party for Teddy's first Christmas. [2566 words, rated G, general, romance]

The Christmas Lists, by sugarannie
One evening in front of the fire, Remus and Dora talk about wishes and Christmas list. AU after Deathly Hallows [1371 words, Rated PG-13, romance]

Who In These Realms of Love, by summoner_lenne9
It would be easy to give up, to the voice calling him in the distance, but he can't, for the sake of the beautiful girl whom he will never let be consumed by the darkness. Their future is spread out in a plaid patchwork quilt of stretch lines, and it is greater than himself. [5000 words, rated PG-13, general, romance]

Nymphadora Tonks Hates Christmas, by tierfal
Tonks finds hating everything surprisingly easy. [1170 words, rated PG, angst, humour]

He Knows, by tierfal
Christmas morning at 12 Grimmauld Place becomes a little more interesting than Remus Lupin would have anticipated. [2439 words, Rated G, humour, romance]
Outstanding Newcomer - Fic; Best Humour

I Can Hear the Bells, by train_lindz
On Christmas Eve in HBP Remus thinks back to his Christmas Eve during OotP, which happened to be his first date with Tonks. [1745 words, Rated G, angst, romance]

Messages From Futher Away, by under_crisis
Remus is alone and brooding. So what else is new? Set HBP Christmas Eve. [1230 words, Rated PG-13, angst]

The Night Before Christmas, by wildmagelet
On Christmas Eve, in a rather under-the-table way, Tonks and Remus realise that some things are worth the fight. [4783 words, rated PG-13, drama, romance]
2nd Place Community Choice - Fic; Runner-up, Drama