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12 October 2006 @ 08:10 am
Half Moon Rising Fic Jumble Index  
If you're looking for great Remus/Tonks fic, the October 2006 Half Moon Rising Fic Jumble turned out some really outstanding work. Even if you're catching up late, feel free to drop the authors a line of feedback!

The One With the Grindylow Story, by author_by_night
Summary: Remus tries to read a bedtime story to his two daughters. However, his entire family manages to outsmart him in one night. [G, 523 words]

The Gathering, by bratanimus
Summary: The Order has gathered. Where is Tonks, and why is everyone worried about her? [PG-13, 1892 words]
Winner: Outstanding Use of Combined Prompts; Runner-Up: Best Mystery/Suspense

The Great Shrivelfig Caper, by bratty_jedi
Summary: "I know!" he cried, causing Demetrius to take a rather high bounce off his mother's knee and Tonks to wince in slight pain upon his landing. "Did I ever tell you the story of the Great Shrivelfig Caper?" [G, 8000+ words]
Winner: Best Mystery/Suspense; Runner-Up: Best Use of Original Characters

Animal Magnetism, by celtmama
Summary: Remus and Tonks are on the brink of admitting their growing feelings for one another, when Tonks finds herself pitted against a completely unexpected rival. [PG-13, 7000+ words]
Runner-Up: Best Romantic Comedy; Runner-Up: Best Plot

Heaven Hath No Rage, by celtmama
Summary: Tonks and Remus share a peaceful day together, despite wandering children and a strange discussion revolving around an even stranger potion. [R, 6148 words]

Nor Hell A Fury, by celtmama
Summary: Pushed to her emotional limits, Tonks does the unthinkable. [R, 3273 words]

Jumpers, by devonwood
Summary: "It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for...they might just like to participate in a game of Strip Poker." [R, 3835 words]

Past and Present, by devonwood
Summary: Bandaids may fix a broken heart, but some wounds take longer to heal. [PG-13, 1724 words]
Runner-Up: Best Use of Day Prompt

And Then An Animagus Walked In the Room..., by katsie
Summary: Because only Sirius could have imagined a plan quite this completely insane. [PG, 1498 words]

Weasley Wizard Wheezes' Part Time Detective Agency, by katsie
Summary: “Don’t worry Professor, we’ll help you find out who he is.” [PG, 4270 words]

A Dream for the Hopeless, by freakinwinky
Summary: After a difficult day, Remus attempts to comfort Tonks without allowing his own desires to run away with him. [PG-13, 3538 words]
Winner: Best Use of Day Prompt

Nymphadora Tonks and the Overactive Imagination, by freakinwinky
Summary: Even Aurors and fearless rebels could only handle so much at one time before they reached their limit...' with new evidence apparently condeming the man she has become attracted to, Nymphadora Tonks appears to have reached hers. (Set just before OoTP) [PG, 3930 words]

May the Best Prankster Win, by gijane7702
Summary: Remus and Tonks turn to each other after a serious set back in the war. [PG-13, 1400 words]

Reflections, by gijane7702
Summary: Tonks and Remus discover their true desires. Set post-HBP. [PG, 1145 words]

The Future's Not Ours To See, by gilpin25
Summary: Remus Lupin has a lot on his mind; his current undertaking for the Order of the Phoenix, and how to obtain questionable potions from an unhelpful Apothecary owner. Can he bring both to a satisfactory conclusion? [PG-13, 9335 words]
Winner: Best Use of Original Character; Runner-Up: Outstanding Contribution

So This Is Romance…, by gilpin25
Summary: War gets in the way of absolutely everything, or so it seems. Especially a rather complicated relationship... [R, 10,130 words]
Runner-Up: Best Romance

All That's Required, by godricgal
Summary: All the years he’d spent as a slave to the moon, he’d never wished more that one could just pass him by than he did this one. [PG, 4863 words]

Like a Charm, by godricgal
Summary: After the battle at Hogwarts, Tonks is asked to run an errand outside the castle, desperate to speak to Remus, she returns to the castle to find him already asleep, and so makes her way down to the kitchens for a snack. [R, 4213 words]

Colours, by jesspallas
Summary: The art gallery was open. The Order meeting would be starting soon, Tonks knew. But that did not prevent her from stepping inside. [PG-13, 1801 words]
Winner: Best Use of Thing Prompt; Runner-Up: Best Angst

So Close, by jesspallas
Summary: Her heart felt heavy, She wanted to scream in frustration, to slam something down, to burst into tears but none of these actions would be of any help to her. All she could do now was wait and hope her last ditch effort to find the man she loved would be successful. All in all, she’d had better days. [PG, 1633 words]
Runner-Up: Best Drama

The Rookie, by jncar
Summary: The rules against Aurors becoming romantically involved with persons under investigation exist for a reason. They exist for this reason....This has all been a mistake. A huge, huge mistake. A rookie mistake. And this whole time she was foolish enough to convince herself that she knew what she was doing." A GOF-era romance. [PG, 9245 words]
Winner: Best Romance; Winner: Outstanding Contribution

Two Marauders, a Metamorphmagus, and a Magic Map, by jncar
Summary: During the Tri-Wizard Tournament Barty Crouch Jr., in the guise of Alastor Moody, confiscated the Marauders Map. Harry was afraid that it was gone forever. Here is the untold story of how Harry got his map back. [PG-13, 9500 words]

Problems with Puffskeins, by kerrymdb
Summary: Hogwarts, the final frontier. These are the adventures of a man named Lupin. His personal mission: to taste strange new chocolate. To seek out the attention of a sexy, young Auror. To boldly go where no werewolf has gone before. [PG, 4250 words]
Winner: Best Humour; Runner-Up: Best Use of Supporting Characters

The Witches of Salem, by kerrymdb
Summary: How the Witches of Oz, both South and West, help Remus and Tonks move forward after a devastating loss. Set Post-War. [PG-13, 4250 words]
Winner: Best Angst

But Why?, by kileaiya
Summary: Tonks is sent to watch over Harry for a while, and drags Remus along. [PG-13, 1608 words]

Of Wicked Ways and Ferris Wheels, by kileaiya
Summary: Tonks drags Remus to a Muggle fair, where they encounter a bit of unexpected excitement. [PG, 1590 words]
Winner: Best Use of Location Prompt

47 Minutes in Diagon Alley, by killerforhire
Summary: Remus Lupin spends 47 minutes waiting for someone, thus letting his insecurites and courage battle one another. [PG, 783 words]
Runner-Up: Best Use of Thing Prompt; Runner-Up: Memorable Lines

The Day After the Full Moon, by killerforhire
Summary: The day after the full moon, Remus longs for a sense of normalcy. He goes out for a drink and it's all downhill from there. [PG-13, 1397 words]

On Paper, by jdbracknell
Summary: Remus is acting like a sixth-former with a crush, and now the object of his affection has invited him home to meet her parents. [PG-13, 9704 words]
Winner: Best Romantic Comedy; Winner: Memorable Lines

Snapped, by jdbracknell
Summary: Tonks and Remus are on a mission at Octavia's New Age Emporium, but despite being surrounded by crystal balls, when things go wrong, neither of them sees it coming. [PG-13, 7830 words]
Special Mention: Action Sequence

Of Magpies and Mirth, by modestyrabnott
Summary: On a preliminary assignment for the Order, Remus makes a new acquaintance. [PG, 2946 words]

Just Desserts, by molly_coddles
Summary: Running a simple errand becomes an adventure of sweet justice. [PG, 1350 words]

A Summer Sonata, by molly_coddles
Summary: Remus spends a fateful night with the Weird Sisters. [G, 3900 words]
Runner-Up: Best Humour

Shooting for the Moon, by molly_coddles
Summary: Mid August, 1997, following HBP – the marriage discussion has finally gone somewhere. And so have Remus and Nymphadora… [PG, 4700 words]
Winner: Best Action/Adventure; Winner: Best Plot

Don't Look Back, by mrstater
Summary: When Harry's coming-of-age party and Bill and Fleur's wedding bring Remus and Tonks for a few days' stay at the Burrow, they expect reprieve from the encroaching darkness. But war doesn't stop for celebration, and when trouble with Molly forces Remus to revisit the past, it threatens his resolve to go through with plans for the future. [PG-13, 11,825 words]

Empathy, by mrstater
Summary: In the weeks following the battle in the Department of Mysteries, members of the Order of the Phoenix struggle to soldier on even as they cope with losing their own. When Amelia Bones is murdered, the strain of war becomes too great for Tonks, and she only feels more inadequate when she turns to Remus and finds him burdened by his own battles. Can a date in Diagon Alley bolster their spirits and help them support each other? [R, 11,000 words]

Operation: Touchy-Feely, by phe_o
Summary: This takes place in between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix. Remus thinks he is ready for a rather strange assignment, but he finds out that nothing could have prepared him for this. [PG, 3890 words]

Recruiting Nymphadora, by phe_o
Summary: Remus has no idea what he’s in for in recruiting the newest member of the Order of the Phoenix. [PG, 2624 words]
Runner-Up: Outstanding Use of Combined Prompts

Breathing Heavy and Getting Nowhere, by pleutaitgouttes
Summary: Tonks has a bit of a bad day...err, month and it's all his fault. [R, 2044 words]

Moments To Live By, by pleutaitgouttes
Summary: A curious find in the attic of the Lupin home brings back some wonderful memories. [PG-13, 2507 words]

Ever So, by rosedemon
Summary: Just a slice of day between the two and how everything may have started for them. [PG, 1891 words]

The Scavenger Hunt, by scarlett71177
Summary: After spending time apart, Remus thinks of a lighthearted way to let Tonks know he thinks of her while they're apart. [PG-13, 4355 words]

What You Believe, by scarlett71177
Summary: Summary: Tonks escorts Fenrir Greyback to Azkaban, but her mind begins playing tricks on her. [PG, 3325 words]
Winner: Best Drama; Winner: Best Use of Supporting Characters

The Art of Browsing, by sea_thoughts
Summary: It's amazing what you can find when you're not actually looking for something. [PG, 1847 words]
Runner-Up: Best Use of Location Prompt