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26 June 2008 @ 03:55 pm
The Beatles and the Bard Timeless Moon Ball Masterlist  
These R/T fics and works of art were posted for the June, 2008 Beatles and the Bard Timeless Moon Ball, utilizing prompts from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets and Beatles' lyrics. Be sure to leave the artists and authors feedback!


Lead Me To Your Door, by drumher
Special Recognition - Art; Community Choice - 2nd Place

Elysium, by fthpfthpfthp

Racy, by fthpfthpfthp

Sorrows End, by fthpfthpfthp
Outstanding Contribution - Art; Community Choice - 3rd Place

Triptych, by fthpfthpfthp
Community Choice - 3rd Place

Trick of the tongue, by hrymfaxe

Something, by philotic_net
Special Recognition - Art; Community Choice - 1st Place

Until Two, by sugarannie


Desertion, by anoipua
Three times, Tonks refuses to let Remus get away.
[2, 068 words, rated T, drama]

All Is Well, by bookish_brownie
AU. Set in the "Nineteen Years Later" era. Remus and Tonks are interrupted during a quiet day at home.
[1,156 words, rated PG-13, romance]

By the Fireside, by bookish_brownie
Sequel to "Never Enough." Tonks and Remus have their first date.
[1,031 words, rated PG, romance]

Mending Is More Difficult Than Breaking, by bookish_brownie
Remus returns home after the infamous Chapter 11 of Deathly Hallows.
[2,240 words, rated PG, drama, romance]

Never Enough, by bookish_brownie
Remus misses Tonks while she is away on a mission; set November OOTP.
[1,864 words, rated PG, romance]

Trust No Agent, by bookish_brownie
Remus labors under a misunderstanding. Set during OOTP.
[1,559 words, rated G, romance]

For the Want of Your Love, by captainraz
Tonks is seeking solace after the events at Hogwarts when old issues are brought up again. Can they now be resolved?
[1,647 words, rated K+, Angst]

The Bottom of the Stairs, by chococoffeekiss
"No, I have bigger a problem to worry about. A dilemma, even. A predicament, one might say."
[1,926 words, rated PG-13, humour, romance,]
Special Recognition - Fic; Winner - Best Humour; Best Newcomer

Stuck in the Past, by cuban_sombrero
After Sirius' death, Remus takes to drinking. When confronted by Tonks about it, both make a few discoveries of their own.
[1,743 words, rated PG-13, drama, romance]

Figuring it Out, by da_angel729
"As much as I hate to agree with Black, I think he's right, Nymphadora." Sirius has something to say. Snape helps. Set during OotP.
[1,160 words, rated PG, general, humour]
Runner-up - Best General

The Unbreakable Vow, by freakinwinky
Learning about a specific event in Remus' past leads Tonks to make a very important decision. Ootp era.
[2,224 words, rated PG-13, humour, romance]

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle, by fics_by_fumph
Tonks shares a secret with Remus on their wedding day, and Remus discovers what is missing in his life. Set between HBP and DH.
[1,742 words, rated PG, humour, romance]
Winner - Best Romance

Want, by gilpin25
He reminds himself sternly that they aren't lovers, he shouldn't be dreaming of or considering this as an option, and ignores the voice inside his head that persists in whispering 'yet'. Moments in the relationship between Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. From OotP to HBP.
[11,285 words, rated R, angst, romance]
Community Choice - 2nd Place

Legacy, by godricgal
"It's early August when she first comes to him with that rosy glow on her cheeks and the sun in her smile; he's lived long enough to recognise the symptoms of love when he sees them."
[6,120 words, rated G, angst, romance]
Community Choice - 1st Place

The Promise, by jesspallas
But I couldn't lie to her. I couldn't deny her. She deserved so much better than a fake smile and a marriage and a family built on a promise that I would always know I had already broken. And so I told her the truth.
[1,394 words, rated PG-13, Angst]

Home, by jncar
Though still weak from their battle wounds, Remus and Tonks join the Order of the Phoenix for one final mission, this time within the Ministry of Magic. While there, they each have a chance to think about the past, and look forward to the future.
[5,300 words, rated PG, drama, alternate universe]
Winner - Best Alternate Universe

More Than Friends, by katyhasclogs
What does it mean when your best friend invites you home to meet his father? What do you do when it seems like your feelings towards him are becoming less than platonic? How do you know if you’re falling in love? And how do you sort all that out while solving four murders and dealing with an insect infestation? No-one ever said the course of true love was a smooth one… [5429 words, rated G, drama, romance]

Finding Solace, by katyscarlett76
In the aftermath of Dumbledore's death, Tonks attempts to repair both her battered self-esteem and her relationship with Remus.
[3,006 words, rated PG, angst, romance]

Working It Out, by merryb87
Ted wants to leave, and Remus comes back and gives him some advice on the matter.
[1,143 words, rated PG-13, general]

The Honeymooners, by mrstater
Two years after their wedding, Remus and Tonks finally make it on their honeymoon. But now they've got something they didn't when they first married, will they be able to stop thinking about it long enough to enjoy themselves? [AU]
[7,862 words, rated PG-13, romantic comedy, alternate universe]
Community Choice - 3rd Place

Time Heals All Wounds, by mssarajevo
An empty bed and a note on the table cause Tonks to think her worst nightmare is being repeated.
[2,040 words, rated PG, angst]
Special Recognition - Fic; Winner - Best Angst; Best Newcomer - Fic

Knowing, by nyxcymbeline
After the Battle of Hogwarts, it was easy for Tonks and Lupin to be in love again, but a sudden attack threatens to be a simple end to a simple beginning.
[3,456 words, rated PG-13, angst, drama]

The Simple Truth, by fantasticjackie
After Dumbledore's death, to continue on for the hope of a better future, Remus must confront his doubts and fears for the present. The only person who can make him see is the woman he's been pushing away. The post-hospital scene of HBP.
[3,072 words, rated PG, angst, romance]
Runner-up - Best Angst

Son of Heroes, by phoenixfyre13
The night before his first day at Hogwarts, Teddy Lupin gets curious about the trunk in the basement, and is not exactly thrilled with what he finds.
[1,980 words, rated K, drama]
Runner-up - Best Drama

What's in a name? by pinkhairedauror
Three times a disliked name is reconsidered. (Pieces set in OotP, late HBP/early DH, and post-DH).
[1,173 words, rated PG, romance, alternate universe]
Runner-up - Best Romance

Near Misses, by poe_lee
When Remus is confronted by Arthur about his behavior, he actually listens.
[4,325 words, rated PG, angst]

But As the World, by realmer06
Summary: In the aftermath of Sirius' death, so much changed, but at the same time, not enough changed, and Remus is left to reflect on the role he feels he must play.
[1966 words, rated PG-13, angst, drama]

Romance, by roh_wyn
The first meeting of Remus and Tonks. With a twist. [1264 words, rated G, humour, romance]

No Absence of Pink, by sasher_copy
Remus returns from the wilderness and attends an Order meeting in which he gets more than he had originally bargained for.
[1865 words, rated PG-13, drama, humour]

Corridors of Power, by sea_thoughts
Kingsley and Remus discuss the implications of Remus's relationship with Tonks in the real world.
[1,057 words, rated PG, general]
Winner - Best General

For the Benefit of Professor Lupin, by sea_thoughts
Remus's friends and loved ones conspire to thwart his attempts at a quiet birthday, despite his best efforts.
[2,028 words, rated PG, drama]

A Matter of Opportunity, by shimotsuki
Remus is worried about Teddy, but Tonks is worried about Remus, and circumstances lead her to try something she's never done before. She can only hope they are ready for it.
[2,390 words, rated PG, drama, alternate universe]
Outstanding Contributor - Fic; Runner-up - Best Alternate Universe

Out of Sight, by shimotsuki
As Remus sets out to join Greyback's pack, memories of his friendship with Tonks are his anchor to sanity. But there are certain things that both of them simply must forget, and time spent apart will let them do that. ...Won't it?
[3,658 words, rated PG, angst, drama]
Outstanding Contributor - Fic; Winner - Best Angst

Journey of Persistence, by shoebox_addict
Remus visits Tonks against his better judgment over the holidays.
[5,245 words, rated T, angst]

Tips for the Single Wizard Past His Prime, by echoinautumn
Set during OotP. Remus decides that a cup of tea is all he needs for a break from boring research and Sirius's antics. Sirius decides that all he needs is some new reading material and a push in the right direction.
[3,185 words, rated PG-13, humour]
Runner-up - Best Humour

The Calendars of Fools, by tegdoh
Tonks faces the uncertainty of her relationship with Remus in a world without Albus Dumbledore.
[3,007 words, rated PG-13, drama]
Winner - Best Drama; Best Newcomer

The Gift, by tegdoh
Teddy has a surprise in mind for someone's birthday.
[1470 words, rated G, general, humour, alternate universe]

Indisputable, by tierfal
An ordinary afternoon in Grimmauld Place gives way to an extremely odd stakeout for a certain witch and werewolf duo.
[2,262 words, rated PG, humour]

Best Served Cold, by train_lindz
Sirius' new hobby is threatening to expose Remus and Tonks' secret romance, unless they take evasive action.
[2,446 words, rated PG-13-R, humour]