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07 November 2008 @ 06:37 pm
The Autumn Moonlight Jumble Masterlist  
If you're looking for some reading over the weekend, here's the masterlist of all the art and fics posted for the very recent Autumn Moonlight Jumble. Congratulations to all who took part and please continue to leave artists and authors feedback - you know they love it and those who review!

If you didn't make the deadline with your art/fic, or inspiration only struck late on and you're working on it now, then just email a moderator when it's finished and we'll add it to the masterlist so everyone gets chance to see it here. Look out for details on the awards coming to a screen near you shortly, and meanwhile we hope you all have a very good weekend. Happy reading!:D


I Read the News Today, by drumher
1st Place Community Choice - Art; Special Recognition - Art

Trick-or-Treating, by philotic_net
1st Place Community Choice - Art; Special Recognition - Art


Mission at Malfoy Manor, by bookish_brownie
Remus and Tonks have their first mission since entering the new territory of romance. [rated PG, 4000 words, action/adventure, romance]

Little Things, by carnivalgirl
Tonks is sacked from the Ministry after finding out something she shouldn't, and is slightly upset that her dream of being an Auror is over. Remus, disturbed by recognising his own pain in her, tries to cheer her up and seems to succeed, but are they really understanding each other? [rated PG, 2228 words, angst]
Best Angst

They're Weird and They're Wonderful, by chococoffeekiss
Tonks and Remus are left in the lurch by an important person on an even more important day. Temporary madness and/or Weasley assistance ensues. [rated G, 2869 words, humour, romance]
3rd Place Community Choice - Fic; Best Humour

Shared Hearts, by evrdream33
Set during DH. Tonks searches for Remus through the Battle of Hogwarts and ends up face to face with Bellatrix, but there’s something Bellatrix doesn’t know. [rated PG, 1830 words, alternative universe, action/adventure]

By Going On, by gilpin25
She dimly heard Remus’ voice. “It’s just confusing because we’ve…” His voice faltered, then went on. “Because we’ve lost a day. Dora. Don’t you remember?” Remus and Tonks have survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but is the cost going to be too high? [rated R, 8202 words, alternate universe, angst]
2nd Place Community Choice - Fic

Something New, by gm_weasley
An accusation of criminal activity leads to a meeting of Remus and Auror Tonks. A fist fight, an arrest, and eventual romance ensue. Set between PoA and GoF. [rated PG-13, 10,000 words, action/adventure, romance]
Outstanding Contribution - Fic; Best Romance; Best Newcomer

Unlocking the Heart, by goldenwanderer
During a visit to St. Mungo's, Remus unknowingly pays a visit to Gilderoy Lockhart, prompting both him and Tonks to recall the day they first met - the day that Lockhart signed books in Flourish and Blotts. [rated G, 8950 words, general, romance]

Counting Legs, by jesspallas
During a visit to St Mungo’s, Tonks is still worried about how her new pregnancy will affect Teddy. Remus is worried that Tonks is worrying too much. But very soon they have much bigger, blacker, hairier things to worry about… [rated PG-13, 6652 words, action/adventure, alternate universe]
Special Recognition - Fic; Best Action/Adventure

A New Moon, by kt_tonguetied
The first full moon after the DoM battle leaves Tonks on tenterhooks when Remus doesn’t contact her to know he came out alright. [rated PG-13, 3647 words, romance]

Bittersweets, by mrstater
On Teddy's first birthday, a Lupin family tradition reveals that Remus' son doesn't share a crucial family trait... [rated G, 1966 words, general]

Party For Two, by phoenixfyre13
Remus and Tonks take learning very seriously -- especially when it means a chance to be alone together on All Hallow's Eve. [rated G, 1500 words, romance]

The First of Many Firsts, by ravenna_t
One evening Tonks helps Lupin experience several firsts in his life. [rated PG, 3105 words, romance]

Explanations, by roh_wyn
This is my attempt at addressing the one part of Deathly Hallows I totally loathed (not to say I loved any part of the book). I'm not sure this fic makes a lot of sense or is even all that good, but it was sort of satisfying to write! [rated G, 1360 words, angst]

Changing Minds, by shimotsuki
The members of the Order of the Phoenix finally receive the thanks they deserve, but Remus finds that Harry is a lot more optimistic about the prospects for change in the wizarding world than he is. [rated PG, 4980 words, alternate universe, general]
1st Place Community Choice - Fic; Special recognition - Fic; Best General

Little Details, by echoinautumn
If anyone but Mad Eye had arranged their first meeting, it would probably have gone off without a hitch. But he did, and it didn't, so the simple fact that Tonks wasn't quitting the Order before she even started was a feat in of itself. [rated PG, 1295 words, general, humour]

The Hag of Ilkley Moor, by tegdoh
Progress marches inevitably onward, but what happens when modern convenience clashes with Britain's magical heritage? [rated PG-13, 3869, alternate universe, humour]
Best Alternate Universe; Joint Winner Best Use of Prompts

Buyer's Remorse, by tierfal
Nymphadora Tonks didn’t go on shopping trips -- she went on adventures. [rated PG, 3763 words, drama, humour]

Falling Through the Looking Glass, by train_lindz
After Dumbledore's fall from the Astromony Tower, Remus and Tonks are left with the task of sorting through his office, when Tonks sends Remus on a trip down memory lane. [rated R, 3356 words, angst]
Joint Winner Best Use of Prompts
katyhasclogs: R/T Rainy Daykatyhasclogs on November 8th, 2008 01:55 am (UTC)
What a timely reminder that there's a huge wealth of R/T goodness here that I've barely dipped into. I really need to chill out this weekend after a week, nay, fortnight of mega-stress (I all but cried over my seminar tutor this afternoon) and working my way through this list will be just perfect.

(I know I owe you and many others replies and emails. I will get to it, I promise.)
gilpin25: Pink hairgilpin25 on November 8th, 2008 10:17 am (UTC)
Sounds like you need the perfect chill-out weekend of SCD and R/T - I hope you get it. :)

Don't worry about the replies etc. till you get chance, RL seems to be eating a few of us alive at the moment... If only I meant Remus Lupin!
(Anonymous) on November 13th, 2008 02:21 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure where to ask this so hope it is Ok here. Can I vote in the jumble? I've done so before but haven't got a LJ a/c yet. I didn't want to comment on the post in case you have to have one now.

(Prophecy Girl)
Who loves reading all the R/T fics here. x
gilpin25: Metagilpin25 on November 13th, 2008 03:44 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's fine to vote if you haven't got a LJ account as long as you sign your name, please. :)

Nice to hear you've enjoyed the reading!