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18 August 2009 @ 10:41 pm
Masterlist of Midsummer Tales at metamorfic_moon  
Now that Midsummer Tales have been told and posting closed, it is time to turn our attention to the important matter of acknowledging the hard work and effort that our members have put in to writing fics and making art for us to enjoy. To that end, you will find beneath the cuts, the masterlists for both art and fic, so that you may access them easily and make sure you haven't missed any out. Please consider your choices carefully and then go to this post and comment with the title and author of one fic and one piece of art. You have until next Thursday, the 27th of August, to vote.

Midsummer Tales has been the tenth event we've staged at metamorfic_moon and last Friday was metamorfic_moon's third birthday, so it seems appropriate for us to take a moment to send a heartfelt 'thanks' out to our members. Each and every one of you, whether you've written fic, drawn art, have left a review or engaged in a discussion, filled out a meme or shared a drabble, help to make this a proper community. Without you, there would be no reason for us to be here, doing this. But we're thankful that you are because the last three years have been quite a ride and one that we've enjoyed from the start -- so thank you, all. :)

I'm All for Believing, by chesnutella

Hanging by a Moment, by drumher

Not His Colour, by gppr

Strawberry? by gppr

Fugitives, by hrymfaxe

Kiss You, by native_spirit

Picnic, by spy_master_cs

Fireworks, by sugarannie


Just a Cup of Coffee, by an_ardent_rain
Remus and Tonks go out to dinner, but it's not a date. She didn't even get him flowers. [rated PG, 1583 words, humour, romance]

Past and Presents, by carnivalgirl
AU. As she celebrates an important anniversary with Remus, Tonks decides she wants to show her husband that no matter how much her appearance may change, she - and her feelings - never will. [rated G, 3804 words, alternate universe]

Fleurs du Mal, by chococoffeekiss
Goths, Boggarts, Bellatrix Lestrange in a bikini, and carnivorous plants are the least of Remus Lupin’s worries on a Non-Date with Nymphadora Tonks. [rated PG-13, 4432 words, humour]

Sanctuary, by francesca_blue
Helping Sirius adjust to his new life at Grimmauld Place brings Remus and Tonks closer together. [rated G, 2728 words, general]

The Worst Disasters, by francesca_blue
After Dumbledore's death, Remus and Tonks struggle to cope. [rated PG, 2562 words, romance]

Falling, by godricgal
All her life, Tonks has known exactly what she wants out of life, and joining the Order of the Phoenix fits that bill in every way, but she's made a grave miscalculation, and her reputation hangs in the balance. There is no doubt that Remus Lupin is to blame for many of her troubles, but he thinks he can provide the solution, only it's not exactly what Tonks had in mind. [rated PG, 6840 words, angst, romance]

Ill Met by Moonlight, by jesspallas
“It was moments like this that Tonks couldn’t help but feel that some of Remus’ frequent jibes about her impulsive nature and total lack of forward planning might just have a tinge of accuracy about them. After all, if she’d taken a moment or two to think this through, perhaps at least let somebody, anybody know where she was going before she’d gone there, then maybe she wouldn’t now be stuck wandless in the attic of a rotting, creaky old seafront hotel whilst an extremely cranky graphorn did its level best to smash […] anything else that happened to be in its way to pieces.” [rated pg-13, 10,830 words, action/adventure]

What Matters Most, by katyscarlett76
Following Dumbledore’s death Remus flees to his childhood haunt and re-assesses what really matters to him. [rated PG, 5146 words, angst, romance]

Fashionably Late, by kt_tonguetied
Missing letters and old mistakes bring Lupin and Tonks to the brink of something both good and terrible. [rated G, 3150 words, angst]

Everybody Tells Me So, by moon_reader
The tale of how a hat brought Nymphadora Tonks and Remus John Lupin together… [rated PG-13, 2745 words, romance]

Nightwearwolf, by mrstater
What had happened between Bellatrix hexing her in the Veil Room and her awakening in hospital that had altered the close friendship they had formed during their year together in the Order of the Phoenix? [rated PG-13, 1985 words, romance]

Evenings in Trees, by native_spirit
It's a late summer evening, and Tonks convinces Remus to climb a tree with her. [rated pg-13, 1049 words, humour, romance]

31 Flavors, by roh_wyn
On their first date, Tonks takes Remus somewhere for ice cream. [rated PG, 3032 words, angst, humour]

Stake Your Place, by sea_thoughts
Remus is good at camping. Maybe too good. [rated PG, 1786 words, angst]

Catching Hold, by shimotsuki
Remus finds an unexpected way to help Tonks deal with Sirius’s death. She can’t help wondering whether it means that Sirius was right about Remus’s feelings for her. [rated PG, 2536 words, angst]

Hand in Hand, by tegdoh
This could be considered an out-take from an as yet unfinished sequel to The Calendars of Fools. "Calendars" is written from Tonks' point of view, but the lyrics are more appropriate to Remus, so consider this a look into his thoughts surrounding a certain event during the early chapters of Deathly Hallows. [rated pg-13, romance]

Saint Sirius, by tierfal
In his unrivaled munificence, Sirius undertakes to get Remus a date. [rated pg-13, 5580 words, alternate universe, humour, romance]

Fireside Whispers, by train_lindz
Sometimes broken hearted people with nothing new to say still get together to say nothing. [rated PG, 1011 words, angst]

Reminder: This is not the voting post.