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14 January 2010 @ 09:35 pm
2009 Christmas Cracker Advent Index  
Here is the complete list of artwork, drabbles, and fics submitted to the 2009 Christmas Cracker Advent. We had a great turnout, and we hope you enjoy each of these wonderful holiday R/T pieces. Be sure to let the artists and authors know what you think of their work!

Captured, by drumher

Celestina Warbeck is Subpar, by the_conspiracie

Do We Have to Go?, by nundu_art

Putting Teddy to Bed, by nundu_art

Best Served Cold, by chococoffeekiss
"Christmas has exploded; it’s like a train wreck at the North Pole and I can’t look away." [PG-13, 500 words]

Wolf at the Door, by freakinwinky
Greyback pays a little vist to the Lupins' home. [R, 494 words)

December, by gilpin25
After Christmas at the Burrow, where else would Remus go? [PG-13, 500 words]

Here Comes the Bride, by gilpin25
"I'm sorry you couldn't be there, Harry, it was very quiet." But is Remus guilty of a little over-exaggeration when it comes to his wedding? [PG, 500 words]

Butterfly Effect, by more_ruthless
The Battle of Hogwarts and its consequences. [G, 138 words]

Socks and Hot Chocolate, Part I, by mollywheezy
Tonks discovers a new hobby while she's pregnant. [PG, 289 words]

Socks and Hot Chocolate, Part II, by mollywheezy
Tonks and Remus leave Teddy an unusual inheritance. [PG, 380 words]

Sorting Out, by sea_thoughts
While going through some boxes, Remus discovers something he didn't know about his wife. [G, 499 words]

To Dream, To Wake, by shimotsuki
Cold and alone, Remus is haunted by dreams. [PG, 385 words]

Projectiles Gone Wild, by train_lindz
Tonks thought that Snape was being deliberately unhelpful but it wasn't her place to say anything about it. [PG, 380 words]

Going Shopping, by bookish_brownie
Andromeda spies on Nymphadora while she's shopping with a companion. [PG, general, romance, 1180 words]

A Merry Chase, by bookish_brownie
Tonks hunts Remus through Grimmauld Place. [PG, general, romance, 1632 words]

I Ask You to Be Mine, by carnivalgirl
June between HBP and DH, and Remus is ready to propose to Tonks, but there's a little problem with the ring. Six months later on Christmas Day, she'll find out how he solved it, and they look to the past, present and future. [G, romance, 3883 words]

Shine, by chococoffeekiss
The Lupins attend the first Christmas Ball following the war. [PG, romance, 1894 words]

Snow Days, by fox_murphy
Remus had been perfectly happy to stay indoors and avoid the snow entirely. Unfortunately, neither Tonks nor Sirius seemed inclined to let him. [PG, general, humour, 1400 words]

Muggle Magic, by francesca_blue
When Tonks meets a 'muggle' magician, little does she know how he will change her life. [PG, romance, 3418 words]

Strange New World, by jesspallas
“Ummm… Remus?” she said softly. Remus felt something vicious clutch at his throat. “What?” “You know that bursting into flight we were just taking about?” “Yes.” “Well, our little swan has just started.” Her eyes rose and locked with his, her face deadly serious. “My waters have just broken.” [PG-13, drama, 7298 words]

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November, by katyhasclogs
Tonks had a feeling that the fifth of November would be a date she would remember for a while. [PG, romance, 1320 words]

A Fireside Chat, by katyscarlett76
A drink and a late night chat leads to friendship and just maybe something more. [PG, romance, 1740 words]

The Twelve Days of Christmas, by roh_wyn
Tonks is not sure what Remus is getting her for Christmas. [PG, general, romance, 1997 words]

What It Takes, by shimotsuki
Remus has been living with Greyback’s pack for months without making any tangible progress at all. Loving someone he can never have certainly does not improve matters. But one day, Greyback goes a little too far, and some things, at least, begin to change. [PG-13, angst, drama, 4750 words]

Expectations, by sugarannie
There are always so many expectations. [G, general, 1011 words]

Keep Each Other Safe, by the_conspiracie
Remus can’t share Tonks’s excitement about Potterwatch, nor about a wide variety of other things. [PG, general, romance, 3455 words]

Every Step Will Show, by utah_yoda
Remus tries to hide his feelings for Tonks, but a surprising romantic situation melts his resistance. [G, angst, romance, 1500 words]