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06 September 2010 @ 10:18 pm
2010 Summer Hallows Jumble Index  
Here is the complete list of art and fic posts for the 2010 Summer Hallows Jumble. It was wonderful to see so much participation. A lot of posts came in right at the end, so many of us are still reading and viewing. But please consider leaving some feedback for the many hard-working artists and authors who made this Jumble happen!

(And remember, artists and authors: if you didn't quite finish your artwork or story in time for the deadline, contact the mods or leave a comment when you've finished, and a link can be added here.)


Bedtime Bard, by drumher
Bedtime at the Lupin household. Remus reads The Tales of Beedle the Bard to Teddy while Tonks listens in. AU. [G, sketched, scanned and colored in Photoshop]

I do believe I told you so..., by eleanoreleanor
A morphing mishap. [G, pencil/ink]

Just Breathe, by kt_tonguetied
Early in the morning after Dumbledore's death, Lupin and Tonks head out for a stroll in the forest with a bottle of Firewhiskey to talk things over properly. [G, Photoshop]

Order and Chaos, by rotae
Remus and Tonks looking like BAMFs :D. [G, Photoshop CS5]

Promises, by rotae
Set during DH after Remus comes back to the Tonks home. [PG-13, Photoshop CS5 and pencil]

Where'd They Go?, by solochan
It really is tough being five with parents as childish together as you were. AU. [G, Photoshop]


The Locket, by bookish_brownie
While going through Tonks's old clothes, her daughter finds an interesting necklace. Set around the Epilogue. AU. [G, 638 words]

Hounded, by carnivalgirl
When it looks like their family life's hit a dull and boring patch, Remus and Tonks start planning something. And their not-so-bored children get an idea of what that something is. A short story of some little misunderstandings. AU. [G, 2646 words]

Only What You Need (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4), by chococoffeekiss
After the loss of a friend, the Order's two token shapeshifting freaks find comfort in the bottom of several bottles (and in each other). [PG, 4000 words]

Vault Number 284, by francesca_blue
Remus pays a visit to Gringotts. [G, 228 words]

The Boggart, by gilpin25
After the argument with Harry at Grimmauld, it seems like there’s only one familiar place left for Remus to go. But the Shrieking Shack already has an occupant, who has long been waiting for some company. [PG-13, 2475 words]

Green Year, Part I (Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3), by jobey_in_error
GoF. Tonks investigates Bertha Jorkins's disappearance in a world that seems full of lies and mysteries... and is blindsided by a disarming werewolf with preposterous stories who knows more than any civilian should. [PG-13, 2500 words]

Usual Savoir-Faire, by jobey_in_error
OotP. Announcing your shiny new relationship to the world is pretty tricky, and even when the world only consists of the Order. Tonks is now dating a very private man and is trying not to put her foot into it where they're concerned. (Sirius is about as helpful as a cauldron on a broomstick flight.) [PG-13, 2500 words]

Lost in Translation, by katyhasclogs
Sometimes Tonks wishes she could read minds. [G, 178 words]

Worth Fighting For, by katyscarlett76
After his confrontation with Harry at Grimmauld Place Remus is filled with anger and regret. An Order mission with his estranged wife helps him to get his priorities straight. [PG-13, 5058 words]

Lead Me, by leigh_adams
After a period of running, Remus finally comes back to Tonks. [PG, 1,585 words]

Lockhart Addition, by merryb87
Remus wants to look nice for his wedding day, and he'll do anything. [G, 299 words]

The First Episode of Potterwatch, by mollywheezy
After a weekend away to reconnect, Remus and Tonks return home in time to listen to the first broadcast of Potterwatch. [PG-13, 1817 words]

While My Reflection Gently Weeps, by moonshape
While Remus has left her, Tonks is forced to life through her pregnancy alone, using her fantasy to keep Remus with her at all time. [PG, 845 words]

War Baby, by mrstater
It's time for Teddy's first outing, and for Tonks to make peace with a noble great idiot. [G, 1743 words]

Telling you 'I Love You', by native_spirit
One sentance in a diary can change everything, when found. [G, 1378 words]

Charming the Test, by roh_wyn
Tonks tries to charm a Muggle object, much to Remus's consternation. [PG, 963 words]

Losing Things, by shimotsuki
Remus finds he's been losing things lately, but that may not be so terrible after all. AU. [G, 705 words]

To See Clearly, by shimotsuki
Remus risks his position in the pack, and maybe even his life, in a final attempt to stop Greyback's werewolves from aligning with the Death Eaters. And it seems he may be making another last, desperate stand as well. [PG, 4293 words]
swissmargswissmarg on September 7th, 2010 07:54 am (UTC)
I have created some stats from this master list on my journal here: http://swissmarg.livejournal.com/74106.html#cutid1