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16 February 2007 @ 04:52 pm
Lovers' Moon Fic Jumble Masterlist  

Read My Lips, by author_by_night
Summary: Tonks finds an old diary and reconsiders old notions about male anatomy. [PG-13, 400 words]

Love Hurts, by baby_werewolf
Summary: Tonks tries to deal with Remus's leaving her, but can't shake off the memories. [PG-13, 1861 words]

This Could Be Love, by baby_werewolf
Summary: After a hard day, Tonks thinks she's found her perfect moment, with her perfect man. But can she be sure it'll stay that way? [G, 566 words]

Fool For Love, by bratanimus
Summary: Remus hates looking foolish. But is that what it will take for him to win Tonks? [PG-13, 7770 words]

Owned, by bratanimus
Summary: The Order is helping Harry with his Horcrux hunt, and Remus can’t sleep. [PG-13, 922 words]

Witch's Brew, by bratanimus
Summary: Everything made sense now, and Remus wondered why he had waited so long to fall into this perfect logic. [PG-13, 7083 words]
Runner-Up: Best Romantic Comedy, Best Characterisation - Remus; Winner: Best Characterisation: Mad-Eye

Cocoa and Cuddles, by captainraz
Summary: Tonks comes home after having missed Valentine’s Day. [G, 793 words]

The Best Birthday Ever, by captainraz
Summary: Remus goes to the Ministry to surprise Tonks with lunch, and a few other things besides. [G, 1631 words]

Remus Lupin and the Legend of the Metamorph Medal, by captainraz
Summary: When McGonagall sends Remus on what appears to be a wild-goose-chase, he find out something very valuable for the Order. In doing so he finds a new set of responsibilities, and learns to live up to some existing ones. [PG, 3642 words]

I will If You Will, by celtmama
Summary: “We're. In. Public. The answer is no.” [PG-13, 1000 words]
Love Hearts Challenge Winner: Best Romantic Comedy

Can't Catch Me, by codenamelily
Summary: Remus Lupin was nothing if not logical. But she made him forget about the logical. [PG, 1000 words]

The Kettle Whistles, by codenamelily
Summary: He begins to whistle a tune, a chilling, haunting, familiar tune, and Tonks begins to sob silently. [PG-13, 4,175 words]
Winner: Best Mystery/Suspense, Best Characterisation - Snape, Best Use of Action Prompt

Complementary Colors, by da_angel729
Summary: It's Remus and Tonks' wedding day, but Remus can't believe it's really happening. Can anyone convince him? [PG-13, 1392 words]
Winner: Best Characterisation - Fred and George

In the Morning, by da_angel729
Summary: Tonks is called to stay late for an emergency at work on Remus' birthday and misses the party. When she finally arrives, something happens that will change their relationship. Takes place during OotP. [PG-13, 2019 words]
Runner-Up: Best Use of Magical Prompt

The Music of Life, by da_angel729
Summary: Remus had told her he would take care of Valentine’s Day, and she assumed he had planned a quiet dinner for two. [PG, 941 words]

Hold Me, by devonwood
Summary: Sometimes, a hug can be all you need. [PG, 397 words]

I Know Why the Caged Wolf Sings, by devonwood
Summary: When Remus is captured by Death Eaters, Tonks uses her...family ties...to try and get him back. [PG-13, 4800 words]
Runner-Up: Best Drama; Winner: Best Characterisation - Bellatrix

Inquisition, by devonwood
Summary: “Case Number J10027, Remus John Lupin, Werewolf.” [PG-13, 3353 words]
Winner: Best Characterisation - Arthur

Sweet Kiss, by katsie
Summary: You never know who might be watching at 12 Grimmauld Place. [PG, 627 words]

The Hero, by eshesh
Summary: Somewhere in Grimmauld Place there was a yearning heart beating beneath a tongue-tied exterior. Two seasoned men of the world take matters in hand. [PG, 1000 words]

The Madness Within, by freakinwinky
Summary: “Men have wasted away in front of it; even gone mad…” Remus encounters the mirror of Erised. [PG-13, 920]

The Fellyphone, by gijane7702
Summary: Set post-HBP, Remus and Tonks, accompanied by Ron, pick up Hermione from her parents’ house. [PG, 2818 words]
Winner: Best General, Best Characterisation - Ron

I Won't Tell, by gijane7702
Summary: Sirius tries to puzzle out who pulled a practical joke on him. [PG, 677 words]

Borrowed Time, by gilpin25
Summary: A week after the events of HBP, and a new direction and purpose are needed for many. If direct help can’t be given, then someone’s going to have to improvise… [PG-13, 11,058 words]

Them and Us, by gilpin25
Summary: He’s forgotten what day it is, but some things are always with you. [PG-13, 999]

Changes, by godricgal
Summary: The night before Dumbledore's funeral, Tonks asks Remus a question that provokes many thoughts. [PG-13, 1924 words]

Tickle Monsters, by godricgal
Summary: When Tonks decided to teach Remus a lesson, things got a little out of hand. What happens when Remus decides enough is enough? [PG-13, 688 words]

Fifty-Two, by jenulus
Summary: She walked into the entryway, and there they were, back at the scene of the crime. They returned every night, stood in the same places every night, followed the same ritual every damn night. [PG, 996 words]
Love Hearts Challenge Winner: Best Romance

The Great Snowball War of 1995, by jenulus
Summary: She convinced him that not only did he want to win The Great Snowball War of 1995, he wanted Nymphadora to win every snowball war she ever participated in from this day on. [G, 4282 words]
Runner-Up: Best Action/Adventure; Winner: Best Characterisation - Tonks

Traducis Pactum, by jenulus
Summary: "Silence propagates itself, and the longer talk has been suspended, the more difficult it is to find anything to say." --Samuel Johnson [PG, 3766 words]

A Snowy Day, by jesspallas
Summary: For me, love is like…well, it’s like today. No, no, no, that’s not what I mean. I know it’s Valentines today, but love isn’t all chubby cherubs and dancing hearts. Yeah, I’m glad too! No, love is like outside is right now. It’s like a snowy day. [PG, 541 words]

Standing Her Ground, by jesspallas
Summary: It had been her biggest fear. What if Sirius Black hadn’t seen the funny side? It had seemed like a nice icebreaker of a gift, a silly little joke, to get him a bottle of Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion and quip about the wanted posters suggesting he needed it. It wasn’t until she had found herself standing in the doorway of twelve Grimmauld Place with the potion bottle gripped in one hand and Professor Dumbledore’s scrap of paper in the other that it had occurred to her that perhaps a man wrongly accused of mass murder might not necessarily see the funny side. [PG, 3065 words]
Winner: Best Characterisation - Sirius; Runner-Up: Best Use of Action Prompt

When Worlds Collide, by jesspallas
Winter Hollow. Remus had been born here. Raised here. Bitten here. Half his life lay within the shadow of these hills. And now it was theirs. [PG, 3101 words]

Memorial, by jncar
Summary: After receiving a cryptic warning from Snape and discovering that Harry and several of his friends have gone missing, Remus must lead the Order on a search through a dark and nightmarish battlefield in the faint hope that they are not too late. [R, 7897 words]
Runner-Up: Best Mystery/Suspense

A Tale of Two Tonkses, by jncar
Summary: A Time-traveling Tonks saves herself from a gang of Death Eaters invading Hogwarts grounds. Set during DH. [PG-13, 3965 words]
Runner-Up: Best Humour; Winner: Best Plot, Best Characterisation - Bill, Best Characterisation - McGonagall

Letters, by kerrymdb
Summary: Remus’ new job gives him startling insight to his bride. [G, 998 words]
Winner: Best Humour

Listen To the Moon, by anoipua
Summary: Tonks receives good advice from a wise old man. [PG, 1288 words]
Runner-Up: Best Angst, Best Title; Winner: Best Characterisation - Dumbledore

Luck, by anoipua
Summary: Tonks find a reason to enjoy Valentine’s Day. [G, 999 words]

The Best of Things, by jdbracknell
Summary: As Christmas settles over Grimmauld Place, everyone adjusts to the idea of a less than ideal festive season, and finds a way to make the best of things. [PG-13, 4959 words]

Enough, by jdbracknell
Summary: Tonks says the only thing she wants is him, but Remus wonders how he can ever be enough. [PG-13, 921 words]
Love Hearts Challenge Winner: Best Angst

What Was Necessary, by jdbracknell
Summary: Remus is looking forward to a night off with Tonks, but fate intervenes to provide him with a desperately testing situation, his handling of which could have dire consequences for everyone involved, but especially for one teenage wizard. [PG-13, 14,499 words]

Delicate, by londondrama82
Summary: First time lovers are always delicate. [R, 674 words]

In Bed, by molly_coddles
Summary: The circle of life and love begin and end In Bed. [PG, 1410 words]
Runner-Up: Best Romance

Life's a Game(show), by molly_coddles
Summary: There was a young wizard named Potter, who thought the Potions Master a rotter. Planned some birthday surprises, to burn his friends’ eyeses. Now they want their gin without water. [PG, 1700 words]
Winner: Best Humour

Satyr Satire, by molly_coddles
Summary: Tonks and Remus are pressed into service by Aberforth when one of his goats needs medical attention. [PG-13, 999 words]

Blue Eyes, by mrstater
Summary: Remus spends Valentine's Day with a natural redhead, and discovers the merits of poetry as a Defence Against the Dark Arts. [PG, 1000 words]

Snidgets, by mrstater
Summary: When third year Auror cadet Tonks is assigned a special case, it takes her back to school and into the Defence Against the Dark Arts office -- where the new professor presents her with a few mysteries of his own. [PG-13, 23,500 words]
Winner: Readers' Choice

Dialogues With a Madman, by iamweebles
Summary: The last day of Remus' mission among the ferals and the things he learns from Fenrir Greyback. [R, 4800 words]
Runner-Up: Best Plot; Winner - Best Title

Shear Madness, by iamweebles
Summary: Tonks gives Molly a haircut. [G, 980 words]

Of Pickup Lines and First Valentines, by fantasticjackie
Summary: Valentine's Day for Remus as a 6th year Marauder and twenty-some years later with Tonks. [G, 998 words]

Complicating Things, by phe_o
Summary: Remus seeks to maintain the status quo while Tonks insists upon rocking the boat. [G, 692 words]

The First Mission, by phe_o
Summary: Tonks and Remus go from their first surveillance assignment straight to one of their most dangerous missions. [R, 4090 words]
Winner: Best Romance, Best Characterisation - Umbridge

The Last Meeting, by phe_o
Summary: “Tonks certainly saw more on the field than the boys did, and it would make more sense for her to cave before they did…but it wasn’t to happen that way.” Some Order members come to terms with mortality; others with impending doom. [R, 1851 words]

Boxing Day, by quasilucidity
Summary: Tonks helps Remus pack for his move to Grimmauld and unwittingly brings old memories to Remus’ attention. [G, 994 words]

Control, by rosedemon
Summary: The thoughts and fears of a person can make a person lose out on something special. [G, 865 words]

Adrift, by redonthefly
Summary: Remus' take on Dumbledore's funeral. [PG, 1100 words]
Winner: Special Award For Outstanding Comic Moment - Vampire Eyeing Umbridge's Neck At Dumbledore's Funeral

IX The Hermit, by scarlett71177
Summary: A tarot card reminds Tonks of Remus. [G, 2408 words]
Winner - Best Use of Magical Prompt - #9

The Best Laid Birthday Plans, by scarlett71177
Summary: Tonks throws a surprise party for Remus. [PG, 2782 words]
Winner: Best Characterisation - Dung

Overanalyzing Love Hearts, by scarlett71177
Summary: Remus worries about getting too personal on his first Valentine’s Day with Tonks. [G, 995 words]

Reaction, by shimotsuki
Summary: Remus has spent his life learning to hide what he really thinks. What will it take to break through that mask? [PG, 3808 words]
Winner: Best Angst, Best Characterisation - Remus

Subterfuge, by shimotsuki
Summary: Tonks answers a summons from Remus. It's the first she's seen him since he left to join Greyback's pack, and George Weasley, along to help out, picks up on some puzzling undercurrents. Meanwhile, no matter what happens, they can't blow Remus's cover, and they can't be seen doing magic at all... [PG, 3036 words]
Winner: Best Action/Adventure

What To Say, by shimotsuki
Summary: Remus worries that Tonks might have grand expectations. [G, 897 words]

Dear Tonks, by shoebox_addict
Summary: Hermione, wondering if romance will ever whisk her around in its flower-laden winds, goes to a more mature and savvy source of advice. [PG, 1475 words]

Your Very Own Romance, by shoebox_addict
Summary: Remus and Tonks hop inside Flourish and Blotts to keep warm and find an interesting book offer. [PG, 976 words]

Morning Surprises, by shwenny
Summary: Remus only follows her orders when it suits him, it seems. [PG-13, 345 words]

And After That, by wildmagelet
Summary: Tonks had never allowed herself to hope for an aftermath. They had planned and fought. People had died. People were hurt. They had won and it was over. And then what? [PG-13, 9948 words]
Winner: Best Drama

Hermione Is Getting Married, by wildmagelet
Summary: T'was the night before Remus Lupin's birthday and all through the house, not a creature was stirring... Largely because all of the women were at Hermione's hen's night. And with drinks aplenty, disturbing homemade presents, an exiled Umbridge back in town and policemen on the prowl, it looked set to be a memorable evening... [PG-13, 12,871 words]
Winner: Best Romantic Comedy, Best Characterisation - Tonks, Best Characterisation - Ginny and Hermione; Runner-Up: Readers' Choice