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24 July 2007 @ 07:53 pm
The Final Showdown Round Up  
This post is DH spoiler-free.

Sixteen pieces of art from ten artists, thirty-four fics (including seven multi-chaptered efforts) from twenty-seven writers, and five weeks later, we're just about ready to be thinking it's award time!

On Friday, 27th of July we will be kicking off the community vote. This gives y'all a few days to catch up on the entries from the last week that the reading of some pesky book might have got in the way of. We will ask you to nominate your favourite fic and your favourite piece of art for the Community Choice award. The voting will close on Wednesday, 1st of August, so you will have a few extra days to have a jolly good think.

On Sunday, 5th of August we will be announcing the winners of all the awards for the Last Chance Full Moon Showdown.

As you're catching up on your reading, please do take a few moments to leave the author or artist a few words. So much effort has been put into all the work that's been posted here, and it always means a lot to hear from fellow members. :)

So with out further ado, here is the master round up post for the Last Chance Full Moon Showdown:

Art Entries

Hold Me, by baby_werewolf
Winner: Special Recognition.

A Pleasant Surprise in the Lighthouse, by blackunicorn777
Winner: Outstanding Contribution; Members' Choice Award.

Affection/Rejection, by drumher
Winner: Special Recognition.

Don’t You Dare laugh, Remus Lupin!, by hrymfaxe

First Time, by hrymfaxe
Winner: Special Recognition; Runner Up Members' Choice Award.

Despair, by kaos_aterkomst
Second Runner-Up: Members' Choice Award.

I Watch You, by lizetm

Next To You, by lizetm

Blessed, by orkyd

Heat of the Moment, by phe_o

Hot and Cold, by phe_o

So Cold, by phe_o

All Play and No Work, by rotae

Simpson Tonks/Lupin, by rotae
Winner: Special recognition; Runner-Up: Members' Choice Award.

Evening, by sugarannie

Fic Entries

The Balance, by bratanimus
Her legs felt like tree trunks. Her toes were gnarled roots, not meant for walking, not meant for carrying her somewhere where things would end rather than begin. My take on one of the final scenes of Deathly Hallows. Remus/Tonks, Harry/Ginny, Neville/Luna, Ron/Hermione. [6029 words, rated PG-13, drama]
Winner: Best Action/Adventure.

Broken, by bratty_jedi
"It will be a nice change to not spend your birthday cleaning the remnants of breakfast out of our bed after you've somehow managed to dump your tray or helping you repair whatever present you happen to drop and break as you unwrap it." Despite his teasing words, he didn't even try to disguise the disappointment in his voice. [600 words, rated G, angst ]
Runner-Up: Best Angst.

Couldn’t Make You See, by captainraz
Remus couldn’t make Tonks see that what he was doing was for her own good. Tonks couldn’t make Remus see that she didn’t care. [371, G, angst]

Vincit Omnia Amor, by captinraz
Remus’ insecurities aren’t just limited to his age, poverty and lycanthropy. [207 words, rated G, humour]

Blind by captainraz
Remus ignores a warning from Tonks about Greyback. Greyback's revenge has dire consequences for both of them, and for their relationship. [5998 words, rated PG-13, romance, angst ]
Prologue | Chapter 1: Blinded | Chapter 2: Sightless | Chapter 3: Healing |
Chapter 4: Revenge | Chapter 5: Confrontation | Epilogue

The Tenth Of March
, by devonwood
Tonks goes into a bar to forget all of her problems, yet she may end up wanting to remember the night after all. [1702 words, rated PG-13, romance, humour ]

Marauder Bylaw Number Three , by freakinwinky
Sirius doesn't let his own death stand in the way of telling Remus exactly what he should do about Tonks...HBP era [1656 words, rated PG-13, humour, angst ]

Mosaic Series by gijane7702
Part One: Scratching the Surface Tonks recalls her schooldays. [1502 words, rated PG, humour]
Part Two: Late Night Encounter A late night in Remus’ room. [1054 words, rated PG-13, humour, romance]
Part Three: First Remus and Tonks’ first... [2306 words, rated R, romance, humour]
Part Four: Meet the Parents Every man’s worst day… [2125 words, rated PG, romance, humour]
Part Five: Confrontation While on watch, Tonks encounters Professor Sprout. [2421 words, rated PG, general]
Part Six: The Perfect Day A perfect day…right before all hell breaks loose. [1751 words, rated PG, general, romance]
Part Seven: The Horrid Day Tonks’ world falls apart. [1413 words, rated PG-13, angst]
Part Eight: Confessions, by Remus and Tonks talk finally. [1573 words, rated R, angst]

Glory, by gilpin25
Sometimes a dance can be a series of intricate steps. Or sometimes it can be a lot more. [1784 words, rated PG, romance ]

Raw, by gilpin25
Remus Lupin has made his way so steadily into her life, then into her heart – or was it the other way round? – that now she can’t imagine a time when he wasn’t always there. Tonks wakes up on the morning after the night before and finds the world as she knew it isn't quite the same. [6367 words, rated R, romance, angst ]
Winner: Members' Choice Award.

Asinus Protego, by godricgal
Just days after Dumbledore's funeral, when Remus and Tonks are working to rebuild their relationship in the wake of their reconciliation, an anonymous tip off, brushed off by the Ministry, piques Tonks' curiosity. Can she and Remus get to the bottom of the mystery before it's too late? [27,561 words, rated R, drama, mystery, romance]
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter Four | Chapter 5

Where The Heart Is, by jesspallas
Tonks sighed into her drink. Oh, magnificent. I come here for Remus and get the junior division of the Gilderoy Lockhart School of Smarm… [3786 words, rated PG, romance, humour ]
Winner: Best Romantic Comedy; Special Recognition.

The Love Tree, by jncar
Remus finds the perfect moment to carry on a Marauder tradition. [2540 words, rated PG, romance]

Coniston Water, by joely_jo
Remus returns to his family home to scatter his father’s ashes. Tonks accompanies him and together, they lay to rest some other ghosts. [13,137 words, rated R, angst, romance]
Part One | Part Two | Part Three
Winner: Outstanding Contribution, Best Angst; Runner-Up: Members' Choice Award.

Starry Starry Night, by katyhasclogs
Tonks has something on her mind. [2128 words, rated PG-13 , romance]

The Other Foot, by katyhasclogs
Tonks’ crockery takes another bashing. [196 words, rated G, humour]

Changing, by anoipua
Tonks has trouble with her morphing. [1709 words, rated PG, romance]

The Idea of Forever, by jdbracknell
Bill and Fleur’s wedding proves an unlikely setting for doubts and reservations to finally fall away. [1642 words, rated PG-13, romance, humour]

Being A Gentleman, by margaret67
The wizarding world is still reeling from the death of Albus Dumbledore. The Order and the Ministry are working hard to track both Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy, but for one night Remus wants to forget about the war and spend an evening with Tonks. [4208 words, rated R, romance ]

Serpents, by mrstater
Two years into a relationship with Remus, and the correct way to deal with full moons continues to elude Tonks, dredging up her insecurities and memories of painful past failures. Voldemort's attack on a fellow Order member puts everything into perspective for her...But will Remus see the light? [66,000 words, rated R, drama, romance]
Prologue: Breaking Point | 1. Vicious Cycle | 2. Up From the Grave | 3. Between The Woman and The Serpent | 4. In The Waiting Room | 5. What Was and Is and Is To Come, Part One | Part Two| 6. The Tip of The Iceberg| Epilogue
Second Runner-Up: Members' Choice Awards.

Burden, by oneandonlysusan
After the conversation about the weapon in OotP that pins Sirius and Molly against one another, Remus and Tonks find themselves alone at the dinner table. [5083 words, rated PG-13, angst, general, romance]
Runner-Up: Best General Fic.

The Missing Marks by fantasticjackie
One year after becoming an Auror, Tonks is presented with her first real case: the mystery of a series of signature crimes marked by a countdown of obsidian crystals and strange notes. – A series of crimes the Ministry is going through great lengths to hide. But she’s also just been inducted into the legendary Order of the Phoenix. And as if her case and new questionably legal – in the Ministry’s eyes, at least – activities aren’t enough to keep her mind occupied, another mystery presents itself: a secret admirer who may not be so secret. [7363 words, rated PG-13, action/adventure, romance]
Chapter One | Chapter Two
Runner-Up: Best Action/Adventure.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, by phe_o
A fluffy little piece in which our favorite Metamorphmagus drives our favorite resident werewolf…nuts.[1344 words, rated R, romance]
Runner-Up: Best Romantic Comedy.

Coming Home, by phoenixfyre13
Remus has a discussion with Bill that puts his relationship with Tonks in perspective. Will it be enough to start healing the wounds of the past? [1230 words, rated PG, drama]
Winner: Best Newcomer; Runner-Up: Best Drama.

How To Close A Love Letter by scarlett71177
A correspondence brings Remus and Tonks closer. (Set after Chapter 29 of HBP.) [8934 words, rated PG, drama, romance]
Part I | Part II | Part III

Mentors, by sea_thoughts
George and Fred find out about Remus and Sirius, while Tonks finds out about Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. [3095 words, rated PG, general/humour]
Winner: Best General Fic.

Difference I – Young And Old, by sea_thoughts
The age gap isn’t as wide as Remus thinks. [1262 words, rated PG-13, romance ]
Winner: Best Romance.

Difference II – Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, by sea_thoughts
Tonks confronts Remus about New Year's Eve: snarkiness, flirtation and house discussion follows, not necessarily in that order. [1696 words, rated PG-13, drama, romance ]

Clarity, by shimotsuki
Remus grieves for one friend, wondering whether he will lose the other too—and whether he ever really won her friendship in the first place. [1178 words, rated PG, angst ]

Friends, by shimotsuki
Tonks has almost given up hope that Remus will ever see her as more than a friend—until Sirius steps in to do what he can for his friends. But no one expects the evening to end the way it does. [3509 words, rated PG, romance ]
Winner: Best Drama.

Landslide (excerpt) , by shimotsuki
The night Draco Malfoy smuggles Death Eaters into Hogwarts, everything changes for Remus. Everything. [1134 words, rated G, angst ]

Time Stood Still, by shwenny
Tonks overhears a conversation that makes her heart stop. And not in a good way. [667 words, rated G, angst]

How It Feels, by sugarannie
Tonks is pondering about different ways of feeling pain. [283 words, rated PG, angst]

Threshold, by moonlitwoods
Remus has been reserved since the funeral, and Tonks fears he's not going to move forward with their relationship after all. [4100 words, rated R, romance ]
Runner-Up: Best Romance.

Please do not comment with your award nominations to this post. There will be a separate, screened post starting on Friday.

One of our members, jadeddiva, has opened a journal to help R/T fans connect with one another post-DH. Visit rt_friendmeme if you would like to get to know other R/T shippers.

Also, the post DH discussion that was posted here yesterday is still going strong. You'll find it here, if you missed it and would like to chip in.